At The 3D App, we are a team passionate about our work led by an architect of innovative real estate automation. Day in and day out we are constantly striving to help deliver a better way of living using 3D tours.

Our app is a platform for creating, managing, and viewing 3D tours of real estate properties for rental and purchase. We want to deliver the best in-home experience possible. For hard working folks who don’t always have the time to rush to a property only to be outbid by someone else (probably a Boomer). Likewise, we’re working to help all realtors afford 3D tours that will help them help their clients. With The 3D App, we deliver on that promise. Now home seekers can find that place to call their own through a superior online experience.


Our goal for The 3D App is to fundamentally change the way buyers, sellers, and agents think about real estate for the better. Through tapping into the potential of new technologies, The 3D App will turn property tours from an often toilsome and arduous process into an in-home and seamless experience. Our goal is to have 3D tours be the staging ground for even greater ventures, be it art exhibition, historic site curation, or even virtual reality marketplaces.


We are unquestionably vigilant across every aspect of our company. Despite being a remote team spread across the country throughout the pandemic, we're certain to never miss an opportunity to get together and have a great time doing it. Whether it's a company QA session, a milestone celebration, or a heated battle to see who's the best Smash Brothers player, we make a full hearted effort at every venture, event and function.


Our team's secret to success is to pull talented individuals from industries inside and outside of technology. Be it architecture, computer vision, real estate or video games, we find the excellence in our team not because of their pedigree but their unique approach to solving problems from all different kinds of experiences.


The customer experience is at the forefront of every creative and design decision on The 3D App. Simply pleasing customers isn't enough; the bar we hold ourselves to is providing an indispensable service to our customers in terms of value, access and opportunity.


Jordan Preston
Co-Founder, CEO

As an award-winning comprehensive anticipatory designer and architect, Jordan has an eye for building and improving; especially when it comes to improving proptech.  His desire to improve convention has propelled creation of two innovative proptech platforms with big impact.

Jacob Adelgren
Co-Founder, CTO

Jacob oversees the development of the 3D App’s mobile (Android and iOS) and web clients, which facilitate the capture, creation, and presentation of realistic 3D virtual tours.

Bill Staniford

Bill Staniford is a former United States Marine Corps Cryptologist and a real estate technology pioneer. He is the former CEO of PropertyShark, and has also served as CEO for Urbint, an AI data platform for utilities, and Qira, a FinTech company serving the multi-family industry.